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The International Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Governance (ICSRG) is a non-profit organization that shares information, ideas and insights on sustainability reporting and governance.

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IFAC Issues G20 2023 Call to Action

Reflecting on the G20’s current theme of One Earth, One Family, One Future, IFAC, acting in its role as the global voice of the accountancy profession, highlights the importance of inclusivity in underpinning sustainable development in its 2023 Call to Action. IFAC says the profession must approach sustainability, the public sector, small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs), and education with an inclusive approach to make sure that the opportunities of today and tomorrow are shared, and that economic and social development are truly sustainable. In relation to SMEs IFAC calls on the G20 leaders to create an environment for SME growth and innovation by embedding the unique needs of SMEs into global policy making, supporting access to digital infrastructure and skills for SMEs, and providing a supportive regulatory environment for SMEs.  Read more here.