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The International Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Governance (ICSRG) is a non-profit organization that shares information, ideas and insights on sustainability reporting and governance.

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CSRD Essentials guide and event recording


Thank you for your interest in our recent event "CSRD: Implementation and Beyond", delivered in partnership with MEP Pascal Durand (CSRD Rapporteur) and Lefevbre Sarrut. We are pleased to share with you the following resources:  

GRI also helps facilitate use of the CSRD and the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), by offering:

  • Interoperability: streamlining implementation and reducing costs through alignment between the GRI Standards and the ESRS.
  • Training: upcoming courses on ESRS reporting available on the GRI Academy.
  • Policy guides: Includes insights on CSRD implications for non-EU companies (translations coming soon).

  As our CEO, Eelco van der Enden, states:

“With the CSRD now in force, a new era for corporate sustainability in the EU has begun. GRI is committed to doing our part to support businesses, lawmakers and all stakeholders. This is demonstrated by our joint working with EFRAG on the ESRS and in providing helpful new guidance such as CSRD Essentials. I want to acknowledge that this publication would not have been possible without the firm support of MEP Pascal Durand, whose relentless efforts successfully steered the CSRD through the legislative process and on to implementation.”