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Sustainability Reporting Development, May 2024, Monthly Update, EY Global Public Policy

This month's edition of the EY Global Sustainability Reporting newsletter continues to track key developments.
1. On 2 May, the ISSB and EFRAG published joint interoperability guidance outlining the degree of alignment between the ISSB standards and the ESRS. The guidance offers help for entities starting with either set of standards to achieve compliance with both sets of standards.
2. On 23 April, the ISSB announced it would commence research projects to explore the necessity and feasibility of specific disclosure standards around
biodiversity and human capital.
3. On 30 April, the Korea Accounting Standards Board (KSSB) launched its consultation on its draft sustainability disclosure standards. The mandatory standards include general sustainability disclosures (KSSB 1) and climate-related disclosures (KSSB 2), both of which are based on the ISSB Standards. The KSSB also published a third, country-specific standard (KSSB 101), which will be voluntary and will align with domestic policy
objectives. The effective dates for the standards will be determined by the KSSB after the consultation. The comment period for the draft standards
closes 31 August 2024. 
4. On 19 April, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX) published its conclusions to its consultation on the enhancement of climate-related
disclosures under its environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework for listed companies. Implementation of the new climate
requirements, which align closely with ISSB standards, will begin in January 2025.
For more information on these developments and others around the world, please refer to the document below.
Yi Xie Yifei Zhang Tiffany Tay