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The International Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Governance (ICSRG) is a non-profit organization that shares information, ideas and insights on sustainability reporting and governance.

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Briefing: Sustainability Reporting & Data Collection Strategies Outlook 2024

Sustainability reporting poses one of the most significant challenges for sustainability practitioners today. The regulatory need to report – and what data needs to be reported – continues to grow, with more and more companies facing such requirements.

Using exclusive, proprietary data and insights from more than 3,000+ business professionals, Reuters Events’ Sustainable Reporting and Data Management Report provides business critical, actionable insights to strengthen your sustainability reporting function.

Download your copy today and understand how businesses are adapting to changing requirements

Key takeaways from the 32-page report, include:

  • Investigating today’s sustainability reporting strategies – Just 20% of respondents have complete confidence in their organization’s ability to report accurately, so what are the industry’s leaders doing differently?
  • Sustainability reporting trends 2024-2027 – The evolving regulatory landscape poses a significant risk for reporting, with 54% of respondents expecting to report Scope 3 emissions with external assurance within the next three years. How are organizations preparing for this? 
  • The sustainability practitioner’s buyer’s guide – Investment is set to shift towards more advanced tools, especially AI, but experiences of these tools differ widely. Which technologies are delivering the best ROI and functionality?

Download your copy of the report today and receive insights on geographical trends on sustainability reporting
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