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EFRAG Launches Q&A Platform to Help Implementation of Set 1 ESRS

On 24 October 2023 EFRAG launched its ESRS Q&A Platform to collect technical implementation questions from preparers and the wider public on ESRS. Stakeholders can send questions through the online form here (PDF preview available here)We can expect this platform to also support the SME standards in due course. EFRAG is also close to finalizing implementation guidance to support the first set of ESRS. The latest drafts of the proposed guidance on materiality assessment and value chain reporting were debated during the SR TEG meeting of 17 and 18 October 2023 and the SRB meeting of 24-25 October 2023. EFAA is keen to see the latter guidance limit expectations of in scope reporters as to what to ask from non-listed SMEs in their value chain. The materiality assessment and value chain reporting guidance are expected to be approved by the SRB for public consultation in mid-November 2023.